One more time about Booklets On 6 Different Primary Immunodeficiencies

I forgot to note the following points.

By filling out and sending in the application form from IPOPI publications IPOPI Order Form For Publications you can get free to mail the required number of printed pamphlets for distribution.

If necessary ROOI “BOPBRI” can provide assistance or mediation in order.

IPOPI e-update on Russian Language — issue June 2009

IPOPI e-update issue June 2009; Russian translation

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Booklets On 6 Different Primary Immunodeficiencies

IPOPI translated into Russian language booklets on 6 primary immunodeficiencies. Designed to inform patients and their families.

Хронический Гранулематоз (ХГБ, CGD) (982 KiB) Общая Вариабельная Иммунная Недостаточность (ОВИН, CVID) (958 KiB) Синдром Гипериммуноглобулинемии M (Hyper IGM S) (1061 KiB) Тяжелая Комбинированная Иммунная Недостаточность (ТКИН, SCID) (509 KiB) Синдром Вискота-Олдрича (WAS) […]